Chasing liberty to chasing stability

samsafeIts been 2 years since I’ve decided to stand in my own feet. Let go of fears and set out my feelings free. Still I fumble and fall, run into the wall and when it comes to you… (Oh the harsh songs…) Welcome to my page!!! Yes, 2 years when I decided to do something real big for myself which made me a better me. I know its one of the most difficult time in my life but its the biggest chapter that created color. I never knew that I became an accomplished mom, knowing how dependent I am before.

My life is not the typical story everyone has. To my friends and loved ones whom I owe so much of it, I valued every single thing you’ve made for me. Now that I am moving to  another chapter of my life, hoping that everything will be another chance, another opportunity not just for me but for my son’s future. It will always be a great change in us that will help us evolve to a better one.


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