When love and hate literally collide

Even in the midst of loving, cuddling whether in an early morning or middle of the day and even exchanging sweet thoughts, couples encounter issues especially when likes and dislikes are laid down. It could extremely be draining when no one’s going to give up. Like is it going to be how pride works versus love?


Well, men are known to be superior and eliminates emotions most of the time as this would shield them from showing their weaknesses… but not all the time. When a man truly loves a woman, he accepts for what and who she is, same with a woman. However, because of how society works, men forbids to see the feelings behind every woman disagreements in certain things. And because some women are stronger than her yesterdays pain, she boldly shout, scream and strongly stands her point.


It isn’t sad. For these are all normal in the lives of couples. Without showing who you are and what your imperfections as a partner or even as a person, one’s partner will never see the beauty of his or her one true love. So just be yourself and always be kind and understanding. Understanding in the sense that you listen, and feel the importance of each words being uttered. Remember that you were not present during his life before, so you might still discover where those opinions are coming from. So it is a must to be a partner and a friend at the same time.


Thanks @ianorbs photography for the photos :